Product Lines

hand crafted sea salt from Sitka, Alaska

honey balsamic reduction from Bow, Washington

vinegars, confits, cheese pairings, marmalades & preserves from Belgium

small batch hand crafted bitters

artisan extracts from Vancouver, B.C. for the palate, plate and potion

Handcrafted Bitters in Cobalt Blue Bottles from New Orleans

handcrafted cocktail mixers made in Charleston, South Carolina

artisan small batch bitters from England

small batch achaar (AKA 'Indian pickle') from Brooklyn, New York

all natural rice bran oil from Thailand

Portuguese Sardines, Mackerel, Trout & Tuna

artisan extracts (bitters) made in St. Paul, MN

Hand-made Small Batch Bitters from Scotland

artisan bitters from upper New York

harissa chili paste from Toronto, Canada

award winning artisinal olive oil from Portugal

Oregon Hazelnuts

Extra Old Apple Cider Vinegar from Canada

handcrafted small batch bitters from Brooklyn, N.Y.

small batch syrups

All Natural Canadian Mustards

artisinal chutneys, condiments and marmalades made in New York

Ancient Heirloom Grains from Eastern Washington

Raincoast Crisps from Vancouver, BC

premium kimchi paste from Brooklyn

Authentic, first press fish sauce from Vietnam

Handmade Artisanal Bitters from Seattle

Travel Sweets Made in England Since 1921

Organic Wild Rice from Idaho

Honeys from Australia

Organic Lentils, Peas, Barley & Flax from Montana

handcrafted "Not Quite Simple" syrups made in Charleston, South Carolina

Authentic Thai Sauces from Washington

Artisanal Japanese Products

handcrafted “Mexican Gourmet” products from Texas